When I look at my son, I see how quickly time flies. I don’t stop to watch him or soak in our time together the way I told myself I would. The moments I treasure and swear not to forget pass by. It takes more than the blink of an eye to imprint a memory, but sometimes that’s all we get.

I understand that it’s absolutely imperative to tell our stories.

Those fleeting moments, the ones that go by in a heartbeat, those are the moments I want to capture. Document. Relive. I want to tell your story how it truly is. I won’t pull out a stale shot list and pose you — I’ll capture you and your loved ones as you are. I’d be honoured to shape the moments that make up your life into a narrative. The medium is videography, but the final product is so much more.



We document your messy, chaotic, beautiful, hectic life, and it’s going to be fun. It might also be a little uncomfortable, and that’s okay! There are a few things to think about before we start capturing your story.


It’s our instinct to hide the brushstrokes, put on a mask and tuck ourselves behind a facade. But not only is perfection an unrealistic representation of our day-to-day, it’s not compelling. We don’t love people despite their vulnerabilities, we love them because of them. These are the things that make us special, the things that make your family unique. When DC Comics created Superman, he was infallible. He couldn’t be overcome. And people quit watching. Everyone has obstacles and challenges — it’s how we overcome them that’s unique. So show your kryptonite, talk about your challenges and express your emotions.


Or more accurately, what is one of your stories? Whether it’s motherhood or friendship, marriage or family memories, I’d love your input on the parts of your life you want to document. If you’re not sure, that’s okay too! During our initial meeting we’ll go through some questions, examples and ideas to make sure we create something reflective of you and how you are now.


And not just me. Trust your loved ones that are part of the story and trust the process. The more willing you are to share, the more true to life the work will become. When you tell your story with truth and transparency, this work won’t just be something you prop up on a shelf or share on your social media — this will be something that means the world to you. It will become an accurate representation of who you are, and looking back, a snapshot of who you really were in that fleeting moment in time.


Tell me what you’re excited about and what you fear, what you desire and what you’re challenged by. Your authenticity will shine through on camera, creating a living memory that isn’t as static as it first appears. If you truly give me your soul, this piece will mean different things to you at different times. The past isn’t static, it changes with the lens of time and reflection. It changes with your future and your current course. Let this piece grow with you.

Bells 2018-62